An appetite for detail . . .

Artemis Teas' hand-crafted, small-batch herbal tisanes and botanic tea blends are created with mindful precision to pique both the intellect and imagination, arouse the senses, and support vibrant well-being. Our passion for plants resonates deeply in each blend and cup of tea.

Every artisanal blend is a multi-layered work of gustatory, medicinal, and textual art. As a carpenter considers the scents, textures, grains, and heft of each piece of wood, as a photographer ponders the countless ways light strikes and illuminates bodies, Artemis Teas contemplate the savoir and flavor, medicinal qualities, visual structures, scents, textures, environmental context, and cultural history of each herb in order to create uniquely mindful and intra-relational tea portraits and healing synergies.

Our teas and herbs are sourced from organic, and wherever possible, fairly-traded and kosher sources. We seek out the freshest, highest quality ingredients from family tea and herb farms, and are committed to building a robust trade specifically with local and regional organic herb farmers in the Midwest, many of whom are friends. Our goal is to help transform some of the vast Midwestern monocultures into terrain that is more richly biodiverse and ecologically sustainable.


Our Mission

Artemis Teas' mission is to honor the connection between people and plants. We want to bring our attention back to the importance of plants and to strengthen our sense of connection with them. What we have come to recognize is that our ability to create a sustainable relationship with our planet requires, in large measure, our rediscovery of the vibrant healing relationship possible between plants and human beings.

Pure, delicious teas drunk mindfully are real medicine. While "tea" traditionally refers the leaves of camellia sinensis (or one of its varietals), there are myriad other plants available to our tastebuds, and that have tremendous health and healing properties. Let Artemis Teas introduce you! Because we each can only drink so many cups of tea per day, make each cup count for something wonderful, and maybe even a little transformational for your mind, spirit, and body. Artemis Teas wants you to experience for yourself some of the endlessly exciting botanic tea possibilities . . .

Unlike many commercial teas, tisanes, and tea blends, the ingredients used in Artemis Teas are fresh, meticulously curated, vibrantly whole (not powdered), carefully tended-to, and pure (organic, and never sprayed with artificial flavor enhancers). We care passionately about plants and the health of the environment. Where and how plants are grown, harvested, processed, blended, and packaged matters! You can be sure that each cup of Artemis Teas is full of love and intention--from planting all the way to our compostable packaging!