2019 Seasonal Tea Guide

Artemis Teas by the Seasons

Attention to seasonality is a very important component of our mission at Artemis Teas, and speaks to our passion to re-connect people to the tastes and energies of the forest, field, prarie, and garden—particularly as these environments evolve through the seasons. Soon, Artemis Signature Blends will be available on a seasonal rotation only (though a core line-up of our teas will remain available year-round). Below, you will find my 2019 seasonal pairings, beginning with March!


March & April Teas

Beginning late March through April we enter a period of time focused upon the pristine, green vegetality of new plant growth, and the scent of fresh flower buds and wet earth that are swept up and carried on the warming winds of springtime. Our bodies naturally crave the crisp, umami-taste of fresh greens, and our botanic teas that best capture these tastes, aromas, and essences are our new Chelidon blend, and Cicada.

Both teas are uniquely resilient to the bitterness of over-steeping. This is a rarity when it comes to green teas, which is one of the reasons I am so in love with these blends!

Chelidon and Cicada are superb choices for green tea enthusiasts, for anyone looking for an authentic floral tea, or for those hoping for a delicate and naturally sweet tea option. I have very carefully curated the the green teas highlighted in both blends based on their smooth, pleasing aromas, and the delicate poise each tea strikes between floral, mineral, and savory notes. Both Chelidon and Cicada are outstanding either hot or iced!


May Teas

Our May tea suggestions evoke the vigorous growth of the countrysides in late spring, and the first big blossoms of early summer gardens. Think peonies, roses, vanilla, lilac, and berries . . . .

We recommend cold-brewed Lady Monarch (cold-brewing protects and emphasizes the heady aroma of roses in this tea), iced Harmonia, and our NEW upcoming release, Kalliste. Kalliste means “Most Beautiful,” which accurately describes this juicy and floral oolong-based tea. It is equally delicious hot or iced.

Stay tuned for more information on Kalliste!


June, July, & August Teas

June through August celebrates aromas and tastes bursting with ripeness and color, as well as a focus on the over-all need for keeping the body cool and the mind chill.

June will bring the launch of a NEW, much anticipated blend . . . BUT, if you are looking for something classic and guaranteed to please, we suggest our award-winning Sri-Lankan Orange Pekoe black tea (Ceylon), grown in the Uva region of Sri Lanka on the first Carbon Neutral tea estate in the world. This tea plantation has also moved away from mono-cropping to embrace the "forest garden" concept, striving to maintain biodiversity and ecological balance. Our Ceylon is organic and fair-trade certified, with lively citrus and honey notes, and the distinctive crisp, malt flavor profile expected of a premium Ceylon tea. Available in bulk quantities year-round!

If you feel like something that bridges the classic with the unique and flirtatious, we strongly recommend Botanist lemonade! This tea has been a tremendous success, and is your perfect high-summer botanic companion. It just so happens to be loaded with Vitamin C, too!

Our Botanist blend is formulated to draw excess heat from the body, and in particular, the excess “heart-heat” that is so common in summertime in adults and children alike. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, heart-heat or heart-fire produces symptoms of elevated anxiety and feelings of frenzy, excessive over-worry and restlessness, insomnia, difficulty focusing, heat exhaustion, and a sensitivity to heat or heat-stroke. Botanist is designed to help cool it all down: calming the nerves, and cooling, soothing, and strengthening the heart—all while delighting the tastebuds and senses with its arousing notes of holy basil, hibiscus, sweet citrus, and rose. Enjoy summer while doing your body some serious good!

Check back for our Fall Teas suggestions!