Andrea Lawse, Chief Tea Artisan and CEO of Artemis Teas & Botanicals

Andrea Lawse, Chief Tea Artisan and CEO of Artemis Teas & Botanicals

Every plant is a teacher. An ally. A bridge.

Owner & Founder

I am a Clinical Herbalist, trained in the healing modalities of Traditional Western Herbalism, the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, and have been a Reiki Master and adept in Healing Touch for well over a decade. My training also includes years of reasearch and teaching as a doctoral student in literature, focused on representations of nature in 19th century literature, and I am now a Ph.D Candidate working on a dissertation in Critical Plant Studies that is specifically focused on relationships bewteen humans and the vegetal.

The natural world has been my fascination for as long as I can remember, and nothing makes me feel more myself—more passionately alive, and more full of magic and purpose—than working with plants and ancient plant medicine. For years, I have been studying the interconnection between the nonhuman and human worlds—from the history and philosophy of ancient alchemy, to quantum physics and vibrational healing, to studies in plant agency and vegetal consciousness, to ancient and modern North American and European herbalism and shamanic culture . . . Without a doubt, however, it is the garden I plant and tend, year after year, that offers me the greatest insight and wisdom. The real magic of healing, awareness, and understanding happens when we directly interact with plants on a regular basis.

Artemis Teas & Botanicals is my passion project, and exists to be a vibrant bridge of connection between people and plants, as well as an effective and inspiring source of wellness and plant healing. Every tea blend is professionally formulated, and resonate with healing intention. All of our ingredients are carefully and lovingly sourced with the health of the planet and ecosystems in mind; and, our company continously strives to leave as small of an environmental footprint as possible.

We encourage you to “drink with purpose,” connection, and delight; and, to never underestimate the power of a cup of tea!

with love,