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The perfect breakfast tea to awaken your senses, sharpen your mind, and fill your heart with the inspiration to achieve great things each day! Rich and intensely satisfying, Byzantium deftly unites some of the finest, artisan tea leaves from China, Sri Lanka, and India to emphasize natural notes of dark chocolate, yam, and graham cracker, while also highlighting each tea’s delicate floral notes.

Byzantium is formulated to gently cleanse and move the body’s lymphatic system and blood, regenerate cells and slow cellular aging, support liver and colon health, and promote healthier, more radiant skin.

This is a remarkable tea to linger over, share, and resteep. Pair with heavy cream and local, artisan honey. Notes of malt, cacao, graham, and wildflower honey, with a hint of ripe cherry and spicy minerality.

1.23 oz. (35 grams)   Contains caffeine

Brews 20-40 servings

Ingredients: Organic Indian, Sri Lankan, and hand-crafted Chinese black teas,* red clover blossoms,* immortelle blossoms,* safflower petal*  — 
*certified organic

NOT suitable for pregnant women, women trying to conceive, persons with diagnosed bleeding/clotting disorders, or persons on blood-thinning medications.

 **Additional size options listed below. Only 1.23 oz retail option comes in bag pictured. Other sizes come in a kraft bag with a branded label.

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