Artemis Wholesale

Never underestimate the power of tea. Wars have been waged in its name; philosophies have been composed to understand and share its wisdom; and, entire nations have come to identify themselves, in part, by their unique economic and imaginative relationships with the plant. Imagine, then, what is possible, when we drink tea mindfully, and cultivate it humanely, sustainably, and generously.
— Andrea Lawse, Founder of Artemis Teas

Something extraordinary . . .


Tea should never be an afterthought.

Let's create an exceptional, customized tea-program for your business or institution! Artemis Teas has many exciting offerings, so we can tailor your tea-service to best suit the tastes and needs of your clientele.  

We specialize in fresh and exciting seasonal offerings you will not find anywhere else, in addition to a focused, core line-up of teas that are available year-round. Taste the difference that mindfulness--from seed to cup--can make!

Offerings include Artemis Teas' signature blends in addition to a highly curated selection of consciously sourced single-origin white, green, and black teas and herbal tisanes. 

Artemis Teas offers free brewing education, free signage, and local delivery.

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